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James Thomas

Having worked in the camera department for over 10 years on major features such as Edge of Tomorrow, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Mary Poppins Returns and Bohemian Rhapsody, having the opportunity to learn from some of the best camera and steadicam operators in the world, I'm now working as an operator myself.  

I've been learning Steadicam since I first tried it in 2008 and instantly loved it. It changed the way I could visualise a scene and I've been doing all I can to learn more ever since. I spent 6 months learning from  an Argantian operator while on an internship in the Philippines, attended a course run by the NFTS, assisted some of the best operators in the world running the Steadicam course for  the Guild of British Camera Technicians and worked on more freebies than I can count all so that now while I'm doing fully paid work I'm able to enhance any shot I do by offering additions or alternatives that have been informed by years of previous experience all while striving for interesting and more exciting composition.

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